Thursday, January 28, 2010
that's why I want to learn french)

english version:

'in a short way, my name is Cate, I'm 19 years old and living in Kiev, Ukraine. I started to take photos on a simple camera, and then my friend bought a professional one for herself. I had been taken pictures all day long with her camera and I really liked it! So I decided to buy my own one... mmm.... in our country most part of photographers are taking photos for advertising or with our celebrities. fashion photography and fashion industry in general are not very developed here in Ukraine. Of course we have a lot of stylish people, and some good ukrainian designers, magazines, photographers. I always was interested in fashion and that's why fashion photography is the most favourite part of photography for me. but also I love such kind of photo when you could see inner beauty of person, when it is natural and with some sense. Sometimes I don't know which one I like more, so I'd like to combine this kinds somehow. I know that now I'm doing not exactly what I wish, but I hope that every day I will learn something new and my photographs will become better each new day.'

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