Friday, September 16, 2011

morning surprise.

in the morning i got a big brown box from a postman and i even didn't have an idea what can be inside. so, dying from interest, i started to open it and found a small box with photo slides, where i can see how Hotpoint team was searching for jury all around the world step by step and how did they come to ask me for being a part of their project called Family Portraits as a judge.

how to take a part in photo awards and more information you can find on their page. the winner will go to New York for special shooting with own family photographed by great photojournalist Steve McCurry. and I will help you to win, if your family picture shows me pure family love, happy smiles on your faces and shining eyes.

P.S. also I have found a surprise on the bottom of the box and was really excited by my new Diana F+. Thank you, Hotpoint, for this morning pleasure in the beginning of the day.

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