Saturday, November 24, 2012

hard working underwood.

That took some time for me to collect all thoughts together, but finally i'm so gonna share with some results of last month. I guess I have never been that inspired and productive ever before.

so far, i've made 100 photographs for last month, Mauro Grifoni upcoming spring/summer 2013 campaign, one more spring/s
ummer 2013 campaign and lookbook for Litkovskaya with my lovely team, 2 secret (for now) editorials and if you ask i can sign under each photo, cause i feel like each one without exception got a part of my soul.

From london to milano-kiev-london, then paris and back to london.

Every time i am so excited before the shoot, that nights are sleepless until i am done with it.
Trip to paris was the highlight of this rule - being stressed for a week before and unstoppable searching for inspiration even at night time got me so badly. Of course I couldn'
t miss Amélie Poulain's french photo booth to keep that memory.

On my way back, trying to get a little bit of sleep at eurostar train, instead of counting sheep, i was busy with another calculation data as less then 3 hours of sleep for 3 days in paris, not less then 10 cups of double espresso per day, 6 packs of cigarettes, couple glasses of wine, dozen of magazines and books around, century of details for lightening, styling, make-up, hair and so on. But believe me, these two editorials were worth each of these freaking out minutes and that unforgetable pleasant tiredness after hard work is the most amazing thing which you can feel.

Be back to London is always feel like being finally at home.

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